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Our Esteemed Teachers

We tried collating the list of our esteemed teachers and other staff. This list does not represent teacher's seniority level. Since this list is based on our memories, it may not be complete. We may have missed out certain names. After we (the Web Admins) left school, more Principals & Teachers would have joined the school. Please do share if you have more details. 


Also please help us build the Teacher's profile, by requesting our respected teachers and staff members, that you are in touch with) to share their pictures and a brief profile each.



The Teacher's Profiles can be viewed by clicking on the names highlighted below. 



  • Principals - Mr. J N Dar (Late), Mr. I B Kakkar (Late), Mr. M L Babbar (Late), Mr. P S Rana, Mrs. Pushpa Verma, Mrs. Savita Jakhmola ( Current Principal)

  • English - Mr. Bose, Ms. Chunkath, Mr. J N K Harrison, Mr. Chaudhary (Late), Mrs. Leela Prasad, Ms.Savita Sahni, Mrs. Samby, Mr. CPS Verma, Mrs. Kamini Soni

  • Hindi - Dr. M P Kaushik (Late), Dr. Raj (Late), Mr. Bharat Singh (Late), Mrs. Kamal Sharma (Late)

  • Sanskrit - Mrs. Mangala Navathe (Late)

  • Physics - Mr. Suraj Prakash(Late), Mr. R P Sharma, Mr. Dinesh Gupta, Mr. Sher Singh

  • Chemistry - Mr. Sahay, Mr. Satish Suri, Mrs. Yadav

  • Biology - Mr. Ohri, Mr. Ram Niwas, Mrs. Saroj Verma

  • Mathematics- Mr. R Mohan, Mr. Sethi, Mr. V B Bhatnagar(Late), Mr. Y P Verma, Mr. Bhaskar(Late), Mr. Radhey Mohan Mathur

  • Social Sciences- Mrs. Indira Yadav

  • History- Mrs. Shobha Sood

  • Civics- Mrs. Urmil Adhar (Late)

  • Geography- Mr. T.S. Shrivastava (Late), Mrs. Ghosh, Mrs. Chandra Sen

  • Psychology- Mr. A K Bhatnagar

  • Economics- Mr. S R Kapoor

  • Commerce- Dr. G R Arora

  • Home Science- Mrs. Veena Hora

  • Arts- Mrs. Reeta Kohli (Late)

  • Sports- Mr. O P Kakkar (Late)

  • Music Vocal - Mrs. Urmil Wadehra

  • Music Instrumental - Mr. Pashupati Nath Pathak (Late)

  • Dance - Mr. Gopalan

  • Woodwork - Mr. Akbar Ali


Non Teaching Staff
  • Physics Lab - Mr. Augustine 

  • Chemistry Lab -

  • Biology Lab -

  • Home Science - Mrs. Sharda

  • Arts - Mr. Shiv

  • Sports - Mr. Pratap

  • Office - Mr. Banduni, Mr D K Sharma, Mr. Tulsi Dass, Mr Juneja

  • Mess Manager - Mr. C M Mittal (Late)

  • Watchman - Mr. Tiwari (Late)

  • Gardener - Mr. Kishan Singh (Late)



Some interesting Facts

  • Social science Teacher Mrs Indira Yadav- stayed with school for less than one year. ( She till date has fond memories of Navayug).

  • Mr. Radhey Mohan Mathur joined mathematics department. He was retired Head Master Modern School

  • Mr. Bose, English teacher was Retired English teacher from Modern School.

  • Both, Mr. Mathur and Mr. Bose left the school with Mr. Dar




Drop in a mail at incase you need any contact details of  any of the teachers. We will share whereever we have these on our records. 


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