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From Lt. Col B B Singh (Netrahat Vidyalay) On June 07, 2016
Dear friends, I am student of JND at NETARHAT 1961-67. If you go to you will find a reference about JND on NETARHAT VIDYALAYA SAMITI section, on Manuals, The COMPENDIUM which includes on APPOINTMENT OF PRINCIPAL, which brings out how when NETARHAT School was being opened his name was recommended by FG Pearce, founder principal Scindia School. The citation should be included. I am compiling more information on him from teachers and seniors, which should act to depict his 12 years at NETARHAT. We are obliged for this excellent work on JND. Good wishes, Lt. Col.B.B. Singh


From Ravi Adhikari on Feb 21, 2016

Thank you very much Sir,


I admire the hardwork put behind creation of beautiful website.

Warm regards,

Miss you!!!

From Manish Garg (1984) on Jan 04,2016

Have always wanted to attend the meet and visit school, but earlier always forgot when Iast Sunday of Dec came (when meet was held ) and now on 27th Dec was out of station , so missed out meeting our great teachers and our lighthouses. Suggest to prepare a directory of school students batch wise. Hope to be there next time.




From:  Shishir Pokhriyal (1999) on Dec 26, 2015

First of all thanks to my teachers and Navayug for whatever they gave to us is not countable and even don't have words to thanks for their blessings and what they given to us.




From: Manish Garg (1984) on Sept 29, 2015

I am Manish Garg , 1984 batch. It was search for some information which led me to this website. It was an overhwelming moment to go down the memory lane especially to see those B/W photos of the Pindari Glacier visit in 1982 which was incidentally my only school trip. To see the names of all our old teachers as well as non-teaching staff just took me back to those times. Yes our teachers contributed to our development and hunger for knowledge and for which we will remain indebted for life. But i would also give credit to our kitchen management  staff for fulfilling our other real hunger for treating us to some of the tastiest meals which i can still feel on my tongue. 


Today we find that Navyugians are excelling in almost all the fields of life though at this stage mainly the name of college takes over but school's association can not be overlooked. To name a few - Rajiv Murgai (1983) , Pratyush Kumar, Sanjay Gupta, Arvind Kumar (1984) and many of those who got into AIIMS and other professional colleges.



Thanks for the kind remarks and for appreciating the effort that was put innto the site. Please spread the word and, if you can, contribute to the enrichment of the site. 




From Mohit (2004) on Sept 12, 2015

its a great step... wonderful memories, with the teachers name all old memories flashed at once...

i think we missed Mrs. Anupama kulshreshtha mam in sanskrit teachers list... neena negi... savita jhakmola... sher singh sir, savita maam who looks after social science and look after medical room too.

Mr. nautiyal, bedi maam, bisht maam,  Mr. Jha (non teaching- support), and other one in physics lab... jha sir again who teaches sanskrit and hindi...kamal sharma maam.... 

so many teachers name..

pls update and thnks


Thanks for sharing this. Please provide the list of teachers along with the subjects they taught.   If you can share the CV and pictures too we will upload the same on the website. You can email us the pictures ( along with the names) at




From: Chander Mohan Bhardwaj (1991) on July 15, 2015 

​Subject Missing Names for the Our Teachers section

Hello Friends...First of all heartiest congratulations on the effort to built this site. Coming to inputs I was part of Navyug from 1984 to 1991. During our time the following teachers were also there : 1. Mr Danesh Gupta (Physics) - dont have contact but he is there on FB 2. Mrs Yadav (Chemistry) - no contacts Mr Suri could have. Was a very good Badminton Player 3. Mrs Chandra Sen (Geography) - she is there on FB 4. Mrs Kamini Soni (English) - can be contacted on FB 5. Mrs Saroj Verma (Biology) I also happen to have a Class photo of our Section, pl let me know the email address I can send it to. 


Thanks for sharing the details. Will upload the same on the website. You can email us the pictures ( along with the names) at





From: Ranbir Singh (1982) on June 26, 2015 

Subject How to attach photo

Hi I am Ranbir Singh Roll no 287 batch 1982, want to attach some of the photos of batch mates, how do i do it ?


Thank you. You can email us the pictures (along with the names) to



From: Asim Ali (Navayug School, Laxmi Bai Nagar) on Feb 28, 2015 

Mujhe is baat ki khushi hai ki mein aap log aaj bhi apne school ko nhi bhule hain............shayad ye trend ab smapt ho rha hai.....aaj ki genereation ke bachche shayad dubaara laut kar na aayein apne school mein.......I m working in Navyug School, Laxmi Bai Nagar as a ministerial staff

From: Mukesh Sharma (?) on Feb 27, 2015 

Congratulations to all who have developed this endeavor, Specially ‘Navayug ke Tarane’. It provides many reasons to smile and remind so many stories when we used to sing these songs on stage. Sincere thanks to all those who have made this possible.

From: Satya Prakash (?) on Feb 26, 2015 

Thanks for creating this website. It will be a pleasure to connect with old classmates and memories after such a longtime!


From: Mukul Gambhir (?) on Feb 26, 2015 

A great initiative. Congratulations to all in the team. Please expand this foray and try to involve other Ex- Navayugians also who want to serve their Alma Mater.

                       Thank you. This web site is for all Ex-Navayugians from Sarojini Nagar. Please email your contributions to


From: Nizam (?) on Feb 26, 2015 

Good Initiative. 

From: Dr. Harish (?) on Feb 25, 2015 

Very creative action. Good plat-farm for interaction with each other. All the best.

From: Bhuvanesh Kohli (?) on Feb 25, 2015 

Really a great step forward

From: Manupriam Seth (1985) on Feb 25, 2015 

I am from 1985 batch. Based in Dubai now. Please keep me posted. I shall dig for the old pictures and records to send you for the site.

From: Karmesh Sinha (1979) on Feb 25, 2015 

Best Of Luck



From: Alok Bhardwaj (?) on Feb 24, 2015 

It is so ... good to see this website. Making me nostalgic. Thanks Bau & Deven and who so ever has created this web site.


From: Praveen Kalia (1980) on Feb 19, 2015 

Congratulations to all of you who have developed this website. Immensely pleased to browse through it. Would like to see our school motto on the home page. Looking forward to lot of other positive developments on this site in due course, like the directory, more photographs, second edition of Navayug Ke Tarane etc. My sincere thanks to all those who have made this website possible. 


From: Renu Kaul (1980) on Feb 14, 2015

Great effort! Long live Navayug!



From: Sudhir Kaul (1979) on Feb 14, 2015

Congratulations on this new endeavour!


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