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The Story of Navayug


Navayug was born on Feb 16, 1973.


The school was the result of the vision of a number of people.


Smt Vidyaben Shah and Mrs .Uma Prasad, the wife of then Governor of Delhi Mr. Baleshwar Prasad, had a keen interest in education especially of intelligent children of parents with limited means. They wanted to create a “school for gifted children” irrespective of the financial background of their families. They wanted to provide the students not only traditional education but an environment which would foster good citizenship towards developing the nation and society they live in. And, in Mr. Dar, she found a person who could execute this vision.


To realize this vision, they created a “day boarding” school where children will spend most of the time with their like minded friends and caring teachers. They will not only study and play together but have three meals together. the local government body, New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) provided financial support for this educational experiment. Among the founding team of teachers was Mrs. Adhar, Mrs. Hora, Mrs Navathe and Mr. Suraj Prakash.

The students were admitted to the school through a written test and an interview. The entrance was only to 6th class with the plan to keep the same group people together for the next seven years froming bonds that would last a life time. Mr. Dar and the dedicated team of teachers spared no effort in creating an enriching environment that included a facilities for music, art, state-of-the-art science labs, an elaborate sporting infrastructure including a swimming pool, and a well-stocked and well-used library.




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