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My Association with Mr. J N DAR.  

- Pradeep Mehta.  PA to  Mr. JNDAR

Shri J N Dar known among us as Dar Saheb had been a sincere, honest, extremely hard worker and above all was a true nationalist. He is a role model for all those who want to achieve a respectable position in Society irrespective of their educational qualification. For him, every individual possesses unique positions and as a Leader, he is to bring out not only the best of such capabilities but also to encourage the sharpening of one's capabilities in a casual manner. He was to make the person aspire for continuous improvement making him understand that excellence has no limits. All the time he had been encouraging every single person who was a colleague to him and students to aim higher as taxpayers' money is used.

There was no scope for wastage of any type be it stationery, electricity, water, and eatables. He was very particular to teach everyone that not a single grain of rice is spilled or left in a plate. Though everyone knows that after lunch of more than 700 persons not a single grain of boiled rice or eatables measuring half a spoon is visible - amazing. And this is teaching. He used to wear worn-out clothes properly stitched washed and ironed to inculcate the habit of simplicity by using every single resource. In short, he was a disciplined Administrator who was ruling the heart of the persons surrounding him. He was using on himself first in what he was to convey. Everyone was equal before him. He formulated policies where there was no scope for favoritism. No sifarish of any sort was possible in the selection of students and staff. And just to quote an incident out of hundreds - a close Attendant of the then PM approached for admission of his son in 7th Class. Admissions in Navyug were in 6th Class only. He was conveyed that the rules not permitted it. All higher ups not to mention their position pressed for bending of rules. The Attendant was even agreeable to admission in the 6th Class. Dar Saheb conveyed his inability for any special favor. He conveyed that the best coaching could be given to the boy but he would have to compete with others. Alternatively, his resignation could be accepted. Not only in those times but even today how many have the courage to face such a situation?  The boy could not get admission.  Dar Saheb's simplistic approach reasonableness humanity continuous persuasiveness made the father of the boy his ardent admirer even when he could not get his son admitted to 6th Class in Navayug.

There were hundreds of such instances pressures faced by him almost every day. He faced such challenges with brave face. Working in such circumstances was a tough task. Here I may kindly be allowed the role of especially two colleagues - Suraj Prakash ji and Om Prakash Kakkar ji - who formed a Core Group to face such difficult times when pressures were always there to bend rules. During all such difficult times the activities continued in the institution unhindered without knowing anyone of the situation. This was all because of great leadership of Dar Saheb and the process taught us the real practical answers.

I joined Navayug at Sarojini Nagar end of 1974. Passed my UPSC Senior Stenographers Examination around 1979. I have not joined Central Government Services but chose to join MMTC where I worked till around 1996. Thereafter I started working as Project Manager and continuing in this field.

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